Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Brad, where are those drum sounds coming from?"

Did they change the name of Marcus Garvey Park back to Mount Morris Park or that’s just on the fifth on the park site? I guess if you are trying to move units you got to chew the food a bit to make it more digestible to potential buyers. this giant structure(thought you couldn't build that high in Harlem anymore) will overlook Fifth Avenue and the "Park". I guess that's why the police is harassing long time residents in the park. Barbeques in the park are a Harlem tradition until this summer. The "new Harlemites' are joining the community boards and block associations and complaining of the bbq's-which according to the Parks Department is a designated spot to do it! With the new tower coming I guess the smell of fried pork and beef would be undesirable to the new owners. I’m sure the drumming will trigger some old stereotype in the new tenants mind-or make them dance (convulse). Watch for more tickets given out in the park, more traffic check point and more harassment in the area as they prepare the long time Harlemites for the "New Harlem" the buildings website likes to call it. Notice how Marcus Garvey is systematically being wiped out of the picture on that site and Mount Morris Park (more sellable) is substituted.

This project is a partnership (ok) between the Bethel Gospel Assembly Church and Joseph Holland, a former state housing commissioner and developer Lew Futterman. Supposedly the church was running out of space (maybe it’s the church right behind the new building in that big ass school they occupy!)But guess what- the church get 47 apartments but they have to enter on 119th street (where is the coloreds only water fountain? sell your soul get an apartment-moving on up1) actually the church made a financially great deal. They get a cathedral!! 12 million and 47 apartments to generate more dough. Hallelujah! The air rights were sold to the developers so they can go up 30 stories and block the sun on Fifth Avenue and the park. I can’t front the design and amenities look hot-indoor pool 24 service deck rec room etc but what will it do to the surrounding area? Will we have to pass through a gate on Fit have to get to the park or Mount Morris Park or MG Park as they like to change names and use fancy abbreviations? Will they be heavier police presence to ask us” Can I help you when crossing over to 119th street? Will the new tenants complain about the barbeques, noise and the people? Will the new dog park get more space and take over the basketball courts (what’s up with the dogs new Harlem residents?) Will the drums stop? DON'T STOP THE DRUMS!!!




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For immediate release re:
Marcus GarveyPark Drummers Harassed By New Harlem Co-op Residents/Oppressors!

July 2 2007

Sat June 30 two white police officers approached drummers at 5th Ave
Marcus Garvey park, at about 7:30pm, stating that they received
complaints about the drumming being too loud.
Two spokespeople, a man and woman, from the drummer's organization
told the officers, "We have been drumming every week until nine p.m.
for the last thirty years", and they asked the officers why they were
coming now when it was only 7:30pm.
The officers said that, "The new co-op residents at 2005 5th Ave
(across the street) complained that the drumming was too loud."
The Drummers said, "We will continue until 9 pm".
The policemen then called for reinforcement,when a car with a bar
officer came, the drummers spokesperson continued along the lines of
their right todrum , "It's our culture fromAfricaand the Caribbean".
One women drummer said about the white residents: "They have forced
Black people out of Harlem tomove here, they knew that we drum here
every week, if they don't want to hear the drumming they should move."

Still another police car came, this time with lights, and about nine
policemen. With the drummers, women, children and men around eighty
people, the drummers resisted their position and continued to drum,
while an assignedspokesperson talked to police offers.

Across the street at Fifth Ave condo (124) the four white residents
watched while the struggle continued!
The drummers, dancers and crowd took out their cell phones and video
cameras recording.
After 25 minutes the police backed down and the drummers drummed
louder as a protest and message to the white residents that they will
fight for their African culture.
*Please join us Saturday July 7th at 4pm to help support the
"MarcusGarvey Park Drummers"
in their struggle against the ongoing police harassment and mob-like
actions by the new Harlem oppressors!

1:28 PM  
Blogger R. Lee Gordon said...

In the early 80's, I attended The High School of Music and Art (135th and Convent Ave.), and then to Park East (105th betw. 2nd and 3rd), and it was a beautiful, beautiful time to be a part of a beautiful community . . .

After high school, I moved to Detroit, and 20 years later, I'm back home, but don't see "Harlem" anymore . . .

What happened to you, Harlem ?

R. Lee Gordon /

11:39 AM  

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