Thursday, November 10, 2005

burgeoning Viaduct Valley (ViVa) area of Harlem. WHERE?????BLACK HARLEM'S NEW NEIGHBORHOOD NAMES

The first thing you do when taking over anything is to change the name of what you conquer. In real estate names and perceptions are important- look at downtown- SOHO( SOUTH OF HOUSTON ST)NOHA(NORTH OF HOUSTON ST.)TRIBECA(TRIANGLE BELOW CANAL),ETC. you get the picture. How do we make our new neighbors comfortable? Lets play the name change game! It works with micro-neighborhoods Hamilton Heights, Morningside Heights, streets - Malcolm X Blvd back to Lenox Ave(even though Black Harlem residents always say Lenox Ave, 7th and 8th ave-we have earned the right! But the world must say Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd and Fredrick Douglass Blvd!)Notice the unusually large signs bringing back the number avenues and the quiet name changing SOHA AND NOHA(SOUTH AND NORTH HARLEM),VIVA(VIADUCT VALLEY)-you know- over there near Fairway.There's a bbq spot over there.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Did you hear? Of course not! Word on the street is that 2 white guys were killed on 123rd street last week. You know it takes a while for word on the street to reach the news-normally. But for some reason all the murders, rapes, robberies and assaults against our new white neighbors go unreported. Why? Would the news keep people from moving to Black Harlem? Maybe, but it still should be reported. Corcoran, Halsted, Warburg, Sothebys and all the other "settler" won't tell and the police and politicans won't tell. There is too much money at stake to worry our new settlers about a few rapes and murders. I guess you can see the number of murders by precinct for the week, but it won't tell you that Bob and Tom were ice picked in the neck and robbed of their Ipods or Suzy was raped while she was walking her dogs and talking on her cell phone. The streets are watching so if your local police precinct chooses to not inform the public of these crimes against our new neighbor, then what can we do? I noticed it’s easier to get an ipod on the street cheap these days, but how do you remove the rock songs and blood off it?